Crow Pose

Today in yoga class we worked on my favorite pose.

Cleaning with a kid

I’m a neat freak. But I’ve had to adjust my cleaning habits after having West.

Monday Morning Protocol

My meditation theme this week is Peacefulness. I need it! Last week was pretty crazy with work deadlines, baby teething and not a lot of sleep, and T recovering from surgery. This week will probably be more of the same, and I am keeping a positive attitude, though I never know what the nights/sleep/demands will…

Me-Made Outfit

May is “me-made” month, meaning you wear pieces of clothing you’ve made yourself.

Yoga Instructor Review

I’ve taken a lot of yoga classes. It’s one of those activities that’s much better when you’re being led in some way by a teacher who can correct you so you do the moves right and don’t hurt yourself. I’m so lucky that my job has on-campus classes in yoga and I can do it…