Nest with embroidery Nest with embroidery

Here are some new works where I sewed the patterns using embroidery thread instead of painting them. The texture is really cool, especially on the ones where I went back over the background with another paint color.

There are more new pieces up in the paintings section, with lots more to come!


The Hollow Gallery just moved online and I have several pieces there for sale! Check it out here. I got an amazing tapestry pattern book this past weekend and have been incorporating some of them into my new big work. Also working on a new idea using my drawn patterns in fiber embroidery on paper, more on that next week! Continue reading


The opening this weekend was great! The gallery looked so good, I was very impressed with how well our three styles of work meshed together. If you are in the area, please stop by for the closing reception on First Friday, February 7 from 6-9pm. There will be live music, food, and lots of art to look at! Continue reading