New Adventures in Illustration

I’ve decided to embrace my destiny and become an illustrator. I know that sounds pretty dramatic, but it’s kind of how I’ve come to think of this decision.

Art Process – Collages

Part of my sketchbooks and my art-making process for the last ten years has been using collages as a base layer.

Tip of the week: Play

I’ve written this before, but having a child puts a lot of things in perspective. What really matters to get done at the end of the day – is it all the laundry, or is it that your son had quality time with you, got his hands dirty, and explored his world? I heard somewhere…

Tip of the week: Slow down

Frenzy seems to be the name of my game lately. I have started paying more attention to my physical relaxation and body alignment throughout the day, with a conscious effort to slow down. It has made a huge difference when I’m trying to make decisions, and also in my parenting. Reminding myself to slow down,…

Tip of the Week: Go with the Flow

I have a hard time with this, being a planner and control freak. Having a child has forced me to lighten up and loosen up my death grip on plans and schedules, but it’s also forced me to focus a lot more on priorities. Since there seems to be less time for myself, less time…

Sleepytime Breakthroughs

As a mom, small little wins make a huge difference to your mindset and attitude. I love having my mom come visit us not just because it’s great that West is growing up with generations of family around him, but also because she provides a different perspective that may make a huge difference in our…

Monday Morning Protocol

I learned to surf! I forgot how good it feels to be in the ocean and just swim around, “grounding” myself with the earth that way. I love starting the day outside, in┬áthe water, learning something new, being supported by my husband and other strangers, and having hilarious fun. I am such an outdoors person….

Crafty Collaboration

My mom, sister, and I are working on a really exciting collaboration that merges all our skills! This awesome product-based endeavor will give parents a great way to entertain their little ones with hands-on activities during outings, travel, and make it easy to enjoy life! Here’s a little sneak peek into what we’re hatching!